Bielsko-Biała has a solid selection of pretty much all types of accommodations, suitable to all budgets and needs.

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4 Star Hotels

Hotel President ****

Hotel President is a sort of architectural celebrity in Bielsko-Biała. It is an original 19th century hotel, built during the times when the city was being shaped. This oldest hotel in the city is fully renovated, but it managed to maintain its original style and charm, while including all facilities of the modern world. Central location and a great restaurant are its additional assets.
Amenities: free Wi-Fi; parking, TV, minibar; wellness centre, fitness, business and conference spaces, restaurant, café.

Address: ul. 3 Maja 12
Phone: +48 33 822 72 11


Qubus Hotel ****

This business style hotel enjoys a central location, next to a shopping mall and only 600 meters from Bielsko-Biała´s Old Town Square. It offers modern and comfortable rooms with free Wi-Fi. Downstairs, guests can find an international restaurant and bar, and enjoy rich breakfast buffet.
Amenities: TV, free Wi-Fi, free parking, air conditioning, restaurant, bar, café, conference centre.

Address: ul. Mostowa 2
Phone: +48 33 470 21 00


Papuga Park Hotel Wellness & Spa ****

This hotel offers spacious rooms and all facilities typically available in spa hotels. There is a pool, wellness centre, salt cave and fitness room. The location of the hotel, nearby walking and cycling trails and green areas of the Wapienica Valley, is its additional asset.
Amenities: free Wi-Fi, free parking, TV, breakfast buffet, indoor pool, wellness centre, fitness room, garden, patio.

Address: ul. Zapora 3
Phone: +48 33 818 58 50


Hotel Sahara ****

Located between recreational areas of Bielsko-Biała and its historical centre, this comfortable hotel is suitable for families and for those who need to recharge batteries and relax.
Amenities: free Wi-Fi, free parking, breakfast buffet, air-conditioning, TV, minibar, restaurant, conference rooms, cocktail bar, wellness centre, fitness area, kids playground, patio with BBQ.

Address: ul. Falista 13
Phone: +48 33 486 11 00


Parkhotel Vienna ****

On the way to Szczyrk, just at the outskirts of the city centre, stands Hotel Vienna. This hotel offers spacious rooms with retro style interior.
Amenities: free Wi-Fi, minibar, TV, air-conditioning, fitness room, bar, restaurant, business zone, paid parking.

Address: ul. Bystrzańska
Phone: +48 33 496 6266



3 Star Hotels

Hotel Ibis Styles ***

Like most of Ibis Styles hotels, this one is also a straight-forward accommodation suitable for both professional and leisure guests. Located near the centre of Bielsko-Biała and close to one of the city’s shopping malls.
Amenities: free Wi-Fi, paid parking, TV, breakfast buffet, restaurant.

Address: ul. Żywiecka 93
Phone: +48 33 819 91 99


Hotel Na Błoniach ***

Quiet location at the foot of Kozia Góra and by the recreational area of Błonia makes this hotel a great base for walks and outdoor activities. If you want to visit Bielsko-Biała, the city centre is only 10 minute drive, and reachable by public transportation.
Amenities: free Wi-Fi, free parking, TV, restaurant, bar, children playground, BBQ.

Address: ul. Pocztowa 39
Phone: +48 33 822 25 00


Wróblówka Hotel Restauracja***

Wróblówka Hotel Restauracja is located near the S69 Expressway, around 10-minute drive from the city centre. It's a perfect place for transit visitors and suitable as a base to see Bielsko-Biała and its surroundings. 
Amenities: free Wi-Fi, free private parking, garden, TV, air-conditioning, terrace, pub, restaurant.

Address: ul. Krakowska 608
Phone: +48 33 816 90 72


Hotel Marczewski ***

Recently refurbished, this hotel operates in Bielsko-Biała for many decades (previously under different name). Superbly located, just opposite the Polish Theatre. It has a restaurant and a bar.
Amenities: free Wi-Fi, free public parking, restaurant, bar, casino, billiard, nightclub.

Address: ul. 3 Maja 4a
Phone: +48 33 815 10 32


Hotel Stara Szmergielnia***

Located at the outskirts of Bielsko-Biała, with easy access to nature and other attractions like the Wooden Church of Saint Barbara. The hotel has a horse stable and two restaurants.
Amenities: free Wi-Fi, free private parking, TV, bar, 2 restaurants, garden, BBQ, horse stables and riding school, breakfast buffet.

Address: ul. Cyprysowa 63
Phone: +48 33 821 81 90


Apartamenty Grępielnia

This hotel was opened in 2013 in a restored XIX century factory. Modern and industrial décor is to reflect the past of the hotel. The hotel is located only 10 minute walk from the Old Town Square.
Amenities: free Wi-Fi, free parking, free breakfast buffet, conference centre, restaurant (additional vegan menu), bar, jazz club, TV, fitness club.

Address: ul. Partyzantów 22
Phone: +48 33 822 10 65



2 and 1 Star Hotels

Hotel Dębowiec **

Recently refurbished, with great views of the mountains, and a convenient location at the foot of Dębowiec (close to the Dębowiec Ski-Lift), yet with an easy access to the city centre, this hotel with its capacity of 188 rooms is one of the biggest in the city.
Amenities: free Wi-Fi, free private parking, TV, restaurant, café, billiards, table tennis, kids playground, outside gym.

Address: al. Armii Krajowej 220
Phone: +48 33 813 82 01


Hotel Beskid 

This hotel has a long tradition, it was built more than one hundred years ago as a base for visitors to Cygański Las, one of Bielsko-Biała’s recreational areas. Its location is still its biggest asset. Public tennis court and outdoor swimming pool are a few minute walk away, as is the nearest city bus stop.
Amenities: free Wi-Fi, free private parking, TV.

Address: ul. Olszówka 24
Phone: +48 33 814 31 20



Hotel Bit

This motel is located 7km from the centre of Bielsko-Biała, just by the express road towards Cieszyn and the Czech Republic. All 33 rooms include private bathroom and are offered with complimentary breakfast.
Amenities: free Wi-Fi, free private parking, TV, breakfast buffet, business centre, air-conditioning, soundproofing.

Address: ul. 1 Dywizji Pancernej 45
Phone: +48 33 470 83 00


Motel na Skarpie

This motel, situated by a petrol station, offers simple rooms with private bathrooms and free Wi-Fi.
Amenities: free Wi-Fi, free private parking, bistro bar, breakfast, TV.

Address: ul. Czerwona 112
Phone: +48 33 822 21 21



Sport Hotels and Complexes

Widok Centrum

The hotel is situated just outside of the city centre. It is a part of a large sports complex and it specializes in hosting guests for all sorts of sport events, but individual visitors are also welcome. 
Amenities: free Wi-Fi, free private parking, TV, restaurant, health club, sauna, Jacuzzi, terrace, bar.

Address: ul. Widok 12
Phone: +48 33 812 64 39


BKS Stal Olimp

This hotel is a part of a local sport club called BKS Stal. It is situated near the city football stadium, around 1km from the Old Town.
Amenities: free Wi-Fi, free private parking, fitness centre, sauna, solarium, conference room, breakfast, common room, sport hall.

Address: ul. Rychlińskiego 19
Phone: +48 33 497 52 00


Ośrodek Sportu i Rekreacji Victoria

Victoria is a sport and recreation complex, thus guests of this hotel can use its numerous sport facilities. The city centre is around 2km away.
Amenities: free Wi-Fi, free public parking, restaurant, bar, TV, tennis court, sport hall, table tennis, rehabilitation centre, and fitness room.

Address: ul. Bratków 16
Phone: +48 33 811 80 37


Ośrodek Sportowo-Szkoleniowy Rekord

Great location, just by a large city park and near walking trails, but with an easy public transport connections to the city centre. It is a sport and training resort that offers a set of sport facilities and halls.  
Amenities: free Internet, free private parking, restaurant, café, bar, TV, refrigerator, football field, tennis court, game room, billiards, table tennis and football, fitness room, terrace.

Address: ul. Startowa 13 (Cygański Las)
Phone: +48 33 829 96 10




Pensjonat przy Karczmie Beskidzkiej

This guesthouse is set in a restaurant that resembles Polish traditional highland-style inn. The building is located by the road towards Żywiec, 10 minute drive from the city centre.
Amenities: free private parking, TV, terrace, restaurant.

Address: ul. Żywiecka 313
Phone: +48 33 829 08 30


Centrum Naturystyczne Cezar

This hotel is situated at the outskirts of the city, far from city buzz, but close enough to reach the centre in no time. It is a sort of small holiday wellness-park with own indoor swimming pool, Jacuzzi and sauna. Guests have an option to rent a room, apartment or individual villa with a fireplace. There are also a few sites for tents.
Amenities: free Wi-Fi, free private parking, TV, terrace, refrigerator, electric kettle, garden, indoor swimming pool, and sauna.

Address: ul. Ciesielska 32
Phone: +48 501 210 504

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