Getting in by car

Bielsko-Biała lies on a route from Poland to the southern neighbours – the Czech Republic and Slovakia, which makes getting in by car simpler. The city can be relatively easy reached via a number of motorways. Various large construction projects are undertaken and planed in the near future promising even smoother connection.


From Katowice – from north – via S1 motorway

From Wrocław – from north-west – via A4 highway (toll) to Katowice and then S1 motorway

From Kraków – from north-east – via A4 highway (toll) to Katowice and then S1 motorway or local roads through Wadowice (less km but longer journey)

From Cieszyn/Czech Republic – from south – via S52 (E75) motorway (till 09.2016 marked as S1)

From Zwardoń/Slovakia – from south – via S69 motorway

Rent a car

Renting a car is always a comfortable option, especially for those who are not afraid to drive in a foreign land. If you hold a European Union or Swiss driving license, you don’t need any other document. Others need to have an International Driving Permit to drive a car in Poland.

There are numerous car rental companies, both international and local. Browse to choose the best offer.

Car-rental companies in Poland

Avis –

Budget – 

Europcar –

Hertz – 

Express – 

Enterprise – 

Panek – 

Sixt – 

InCar24 –

Solid Car – 

Odkryj auto – 

MiRent – 

ride-hailing SERVICES

Bla bla car

Blabla is a European system that connects people with a car and those who need to get somewhere. So if you want to get to Bielsko-Biała, check if someone is heading the same way as you, and has a free seat that you can occupy. You will be asked to share the cost of such travel but usually it is less than any form of public transportation.


Free Now (mytaxi)

Bolt (taxify)