Getting around by taxi

Taxis offer the most convenient way to get around any city. In Bielsko-Biała, they are easily available and because of relitively short distances, they are a good option both in terms of comfort and budget.

Where to find a taxi?

Call a taxi company 15-20 minutes (earlier on weekend evenings and nights) in advance and order service to specific address. No additional cost is added if picking up within Bielsko-Biała’s borders.

Flag a taxi on street.

Find a taxi at numerous Taxi Stops located around the city – in front of the train and bus stations, hotels, and shopping malls or near the main city squares.

Taxi fare

Taxis run on meter and fare depends on the time of the day, zones and holidays.

The usual fare in Bielsko-Biała is around: 2.5 PLN/km for daytime-within city limits- weekday. And can go as high as 7.5 PLN/km for night-outside city limits- weekend.

Prices vary slightly between taxi companies, but all charge a small fixed starting fee, usually 5 PLN.

Taxi drivers are obliged to issue a receipt at the end of the ride.

For frequent customers, most of the taxi companies offer loyalty cards, which usually gives 10th ride for free.

Taxi companies

Taxi Jedynka – +48 33 811 11 11
Lider Taxi – +48 33 300 30 30,
Radio Taxi MPT – 919
Mega Taxi – +48 33 818 88 88
Biało-Czerwone OK Taxi – +48 720 53 53 53,
Taxi Bielsko – +48 33 488 02 22, +48 608 209 722 (also via SMS),
Hit Taxi – +48 33 821 21 21

Ride-Hailing services

Uber –

Free Now (mytaxi) –

Bolt (taxify) –

Transport for persons with mobile disabilites

Przewóz osób niepełnosprawnych – +48 33 814 34 09