Traditional Polish inns

Traditional inns, in Polish called Karczma, were usually wooden buildings build along the roads, just at the outskirts of the cities. They offered food and lodgings. Although only few survived till today, many new ones were erected using the traditional designs and building techniques.

In Bielsko-Biała itself there are seven traditional inns and they resemble the high-land and folk styles.


 Traditional Inn bielsko biala



What can you expect in Karczma?

- a mixture of traditional Polish food

- folk music (often live)

- atmosphere of old times

- waitresses wearing traditional dresses

- décor resembling an old farmhouse or old-fashion inn


Karczma Rogata

Two things distinguish this inn from the rest. Firstly, the place is an original wooden traditional building, and secondly, it wasn’t originally an inn but a normal house that was transformed into a restaurant. Both these facts work to the advantage of this place. The interior feels authentic and rather intimate. As for the food, it’s very regional, and their traditional soup ‘kwaśnica’ won a few awards.

Address: ul. Leszczyńska 40
Phone: +48 33 810 00 98
Open: Mon-Sun. 10am-12am


Karczma pod Lotniskiem

This traditional mountain-style restaurant is the one of the largest in the country. Despite its size, fire places keep this place warm both in temperature and atmosphere. The upper floor is often rented for celebration parties, but individual clients are always welcomed. The menu includes a choice of top Polish dishes, generous portions and traditional taste. The inn is situated near the city’s recreational airport.

Address: ul. Zwardońska 38
Phone: +48 33 819 22 69
Open: Mon-Sun. 10am-10pm


Karczma w Komorowicach

Built of timber and stone, this traditional inn serves wide range of regional dishes. It also hosts dance parties and other events.

Address: ul. Hałcnowska 7
Phone: +48 33 817 66 15
Open: Mon-Sun. 12pm-10pm


Wrzosowa Chata

This cottage style inn offers a twist, next to traditional Polish dishes, they also serve Polish food with a modern flair. The choice of desserts is unseen elsewhere and their pizza also has its enthusiasts. It’s a charming place with a large garden.

Address: ul. Lotnicza 3
Phone: +48 33 821 88 33
Open: Mon-Thur. 11am-11pm, Fri. 11am-1am, Sat. 1pm-1am, Sun. 1pm-10pm


Chata Harnaś

Located near the recreational area called Bulwary Straceńskie, this old style inn, has all that it’s expected from place like that – traditional menu and large open space.

Address: ul. Jeździecka 8
Phone: +48 508 442 380
Open: Mon-Sun. 12pm-last customer


Karczma w Straconce

A beautiful wooden interior, fire place, live music and a long menu list with regional cuisine is what you can anticipate in this traditional inn. They also specialize in wild game dishes.

Address: ul. Górska 111
Phone: +48 33 821 58 28
Open: Mon-Sun 10am-last customer


Karczma Beskidzka

Situated by the old road towards Żywiec, it has all the qualities of the old style inn. It offers food and lodging, all in the traditional manner.

Address: ul. Żywiecka 313
Phone: +48 508 537 300
Open: Mon-Sun. 12pm-last customer


*None of the inns are situated in the city centre. You will need to arrange a lift or use public transportation to enjoy this traditional dining experience.

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