quick eats

Bielsko-Biała’s city centre, especial the Old Town Square area is loaded with kebab, hamburgers, zapiekanka* spots and other quick-eat joints and street-food places. 

Eat in or take out at the following:

*zapiekanka – a typical Polish snack, it’s basically an open-faced toasted cheese sandwich with extras such as tomato sauce, mushrooms or ham.

Additionally, if you fancy pizza, you can have one delivered pretty much everywhere within the city borders. Read more on Pizzerias.


Beskid Burger

The menu is simple but it has its enthusiasts. You have a choice of 6 meat burgers, 2 vegetarian ones and French fries with spices. The extra-large size of BB Burger will satisfy the hungriest.

Zapiekanki – z ogórem czy bez?

Apart from a traditional zapiekanka, which comes with mushrooms and cheese, here you can buy it with ham, fish, chicken or bacon. There is also a light version with spinach and dried tomatoes, suitable for vegetarians. Top it all with one of 11 sauces. A cucumber pickle (ogórek) comes for free, for those who want it.


Multicoolty offers a varied assortment of fast-food snacks to suite all tastes. The menu includes: Belgian fries, Cracow’s zapiekanka, German currywurst, New York Hot Dog, and French crapes. All to be wash down with an old style Polish pop.

Jedwabny Szlak

An oriental option for those who are searching for a cheap, tasty and quick bite. They serve kebabs, while for vegetarians falafel and Turkish kumpir (jacked potato).


As a snack, Kebab won the hearts, or rather stomachs, of Polish people. Fast, filling, with a touch of orient and inexpensive – it must be a winner. The menu of Polish kebab joints is similar and straightforward– it usually includes different varieties of kebab and French fries.

Kebab Zagros

Alanya Kebab


Alanya Kebab

El Turco Kebab and Grill