Polish people love pizza and Bielsko-Biała, like all cities and towns in Poland, has a long list of pizzerias. 

Most of the pizzerias offer free delivery within the city limits. Menus are available on their websites.

They often sell additional fast-food dishes like kebabs or sandwiches and salads.

The pizza places are usually nicely decorated and quite inviting, ideal for a casual or family dining.

How about Polish pizza?

Polish pizza is a ‘free style pizza’ made to better suite Polish tastes. Probably, it is closer to American pizza than to authentic Italian one. Even though it varies from the original, it can be really delicious if only you can accept the fact that they differ. 

What’s unusual about Polish pizza?

Usually, the dough is thick, bread like. 

Ingredients can be unlimited, the more the better – your choice.

Ingredients are often unusual like bacon, kielbasa, or Polish pickles.

Sauces include garlic-mayo sauce (very popular) and ketchup. No olive-oil.

Pizzerias in Bielsko-Biała


This place is honourably mentioned because it is the oldest pizzeria in Bielsko-Biała. When opened more than 20 years ago, it brought a wind of change to the local culinary experiences. In the meantime, many new restaurants opened and closed, but Margerita is standing strong (on weekends it’s often crowded). Their pizza balances between Polish and Italian versions. It’s baked in a wood-fired oven, and you have an option of thick or thin dough. The place is designed as a Mediterranean bistro and has a cosy atmosphere.






De Grasso

Would you rather have an authentic Italian pizza?

No worries, there are a few places in Bielsko-Biala where you can have an authentic Italian pizza prepared by real Italians or highly trained pizzaiolos.

Gallo Nero

Picollo pizza

Ristorante Al Caminetto

Lele pizza

Meno Male