Night life

Clubbing is not Bielsko-Biała’s forte but the city does have a handful of trendy dance floors where you can get into the groove, have fun, and spend a memorable night.


night life clubing bielsko biala 

Although most of the clubs are open throughout the week, your best bet for a great and bustling atmosphere are Friday and Saturday nights. Some of the clubs ask for an entry free, while others open their spaces free of charge. 


Sephia Rock and Sephia House

It’s a rather cozy club with 4 rooms, seating space for 140 people and floor space for even more. Concerts and theme dance parties are organized on weekends.
The rooms upstairs (Sephia House) are designed to imitate a house party atmosphere with chillout and house music. Open on selected weekends and for private parties only.

Address: ul. 3 Maja 13
Phone: +48 696 788 749
Open: Mon-Thurs. 5pm-11pm, Fri-Sat 5pm-6am, Sun. closed


Rude Boy Club

It’s an alternative concert hall with a long list of concerts (of less and more known artists) and dance events. Thursdays are reserved for Czad Party, a rock music dance party.

Address: ul. 1 Maja 20
Phone: +48 602 177 255
Open: Thus. Fri. Sat.


Klub Pomarańcza

One of the largest dance clubs in the city with two dance floors and pubs. House music is the main thing here, but concerts and theme parties are also popular.

Address: ul. Grażyńskiego 38
Phone: +48 508 141 760
Open: Fri-Sat. 9pm-5am



A basement of the Mangum Stek and Wino Pub and Restaurant is known as 2BeClub and hosts every weekend dance parties.

Address: ul. Ratuszowa 3
Phone: +48 33 888 88 88
Open: Fri. 8pm-3pm, Sat. 8pm-4am


Klub Klimat

This club is a sort of an entertainment institution in the city. Large dancing floor with mostly dance, techno, and house music.

Address: ul. Mostowa 5 (Galeria Sfera)
Phone: +48 33 822 54 20
Open: Thurs. 8pm-3am, Fri.-Sat. 8am-5pm



Disco parties in a pub/restaurant with theme music from the 1970s, 80s and 90s.

Address: ul. 11 Listopada 14-16
Phone: +48 33 816 45 51
Open: Mon.-Sat. from 10am, Sun. from 12pm


Decade Music Club

Two levels club with various music from urban, chillout and disco to alternative.

Address: ul. 3 Maja 10
Phone: +48 33 812 40 47


All Stars Pub

One of the oldest pubs that on weekends turns into a party club where disco music from the last four decades runs the show.

Address: ul. Cyniarska 28
Phone: +48 888 578 004
Open: 24H


Klub Miasto

Student pub and clubhouse.

Address: pl. Mickiewicza 2
Open: Mon-Thurs. 12pm-10pm, Fri. 12pm-5am, Sat. 4pm-5am, Sun. closed

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