milk bars

Traditional Polish milk bars is your answer if you are looking for a cheap, traditional and homely food in Bielsko-Biała.

Traditional bar mleczny (Eng. milk bar) is a cafeteria type of restaurant that can be described with a few words: simple, cheap, nutritious, home-cooking and tasty.
These restaurants have a long history in Poland, although they became extremely popular during the communistic times. For a while they were looked down upon, mainly by aspiring middle class, but in the last decade they gain acceptance and are hugely successful.

What to expect in a milk bar?

Milk bars attract all sort of clientele. It isn’t uncommon to see a student sharing a table with a pensioner or a man in suit. If the place is crowded, prepare to share your table as well.

Milk bars aim at locals, so don’t expect to see menu in English. You can always point at what you like or go with the flow and eat something unexpected.

Milk bars are usually self-service and open mainly for lunches, or early suppers.

The menu is simple and similar in most of the restaurants and includes a range of common Polish dishes like pierogi, soups, pancakes, stews or fixed dinner sets – usually meat, potatoes and salad.

Vegetarians will also find there something to eat.

What’s more, with 10 złoty in your pocket, your choice won’t be limited.

Eating at a bar mleczny is now an essential experience for many tourists in Poland. It’s not only a culinary experience, but also cultural and social one. Don’t miss this opportunity.

milk bars in bielsko-biała


It is almost a cult place in Bielsko–Biała. Its fame is largely based on the fact that it’s one of the oldest eateries in the town. The place has been feeding town’s residents for over 5 decades. Luckily, the popularity of this place isn’t only based on its age, the food is exactly as it should be: simple, cheap, tasty and homely. The most popular item on the menu are kluski na parze with butter or strawberries. These are special type of steamed dumplings, and despite being an old traditional Polish dish, these are hardly ever served elsewhere.

Bar Pierożkowy Karolina

Karolina has a short but well established menu with stars such as pierogi, gołąbki (cabbaged stuffed with rice and meat, there is also a vegetarian version), and pancakes. All food is freshly cooked, portions are big and you won’t spend more than 10 złoty there. The place is small so be prepared to share a table with other customers.


The name means ‘the land of soups’ and indeed it offers some traditional Polish soups and creams, including a few options for vegetarians. They also serve pierogi – delicious are the ones with spinach, two types of steamed dumplings and have some options for meat lovers.


Yet another home-style cooking canteen. However, this place is different, here you pay-by-weight. First, you get to choose what you want and how much you want it – you can have two types of meats or potato pancakes with French fries if that is what you fancy. At the end, all is weighted and you pay a fixed 3.69PLN per 100g.

Bar Mleczny Apetyczna

Breakfast, daily lunch menus, sandwiches and salads – this milk bar makes sure that you don’t leave hungry.

Stołówka pod Klimczokiem

With 14 zloty in your pocket, you can enjoy a dish of the day, which consists of soup, main dish (mostly meat, salad and mashed potato) and compote. There are also other simple Polish foods available.

Pierogi nad Białą

Different soups and long list of delicious Polish dumplings with various stuffing.

Pierogarnia Palce Lizać

It’s a small milk bar that has various locations in the city. You can get there traditional home food and dumplings, dumplings, dumplings.