Cafés and Tearooms

Best places for coffee, tea, and cosy atmosphere in Bielsko-Biała. 


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Farma Café

A cottage atmosphere of this place enchants. A fire place and a variety of special hot drinks will keep you warm in the winter, while the summer menu will cool you down on a hot day. Their signature dessert - a warm apple pie with vanilla ice-cream is great all year round.

Address: pl. Smolki 7
Phone: +48 33 812 31 63
Open: Mon.-Sat. 10am-10pm, Sun. 12pm-10pm


Oscar Café

With some antique furniture and numerous old, slightly eclectic (not to say odd) decorations, the place creates a pleasant atmosphere of the 1920s café. The menu includes a range of coffees, teas and drinks with homemade pies and cakes.

Address: pl. Rynek 16
Phone: +48 33 816 98 19
Open: Mon.-Thurs. 11am-10pm, Fri. 11am-11pm, Sat-Sun. 2pm-11pm


Barometr Caffé and Bar

Barometr is a small and friendly café located in the Old Town Square. In this warm place, the coffee business is taken seriously and what they make goes well with their homemade cakes on offer.

Address: pl. Rynek 24
Phone: +48 515 375 808
Open: Mon.-Thur. 8am-11pm, Fri. 8am-2am, Sat. 10am-2am, Sun. 10am-11pm


Café Mucha

Named after an Art-Nouveau artist, Alfons Mucha, the place imitates a style of an old cafe from that period. Apart from a choice of coffees and drinks, they offer home-made cakes. The piano that stands in the corner is being used regularly.

Address: ul. Nad Niprem 2 (pl. Chrobrego)
Phone: +48 33 819 22 06
Open: Mon.-Thur. 9am-10pm, Fri-Sat. 9am-11pm, Sun. 12pm-10pm



One of the oldest places in the city, for many citizens a visit to Delicje is a walk down the memory lane. It’s famous for its homemade ice-creams and old fashion desserts, especially Mikołaj seems to be everyone's favourite. The place is simple, inexpensive and suitable for a quick coffee.

Address: pl. Chrobrego 1
Phone: +48 33 812 33 71
Open: Mon-Sun. 9am-8pm


Klubokawiarnia Aquarium

Located inside the Bielsko’s main art gallery, Galeria BWA, this place is run by members of a local cultural NGO. Apart from a cool vibe and frequently organized events, the café offers excellent organic coffee, teas and home-made cakes.

Address: ul. 3 Maja 11 (Galeria BWA)
Open: Mon-Thurs. 12pm-8pm, Fri-Sat. 12pm-9pm, Sun. 12pm-6pm



Excellent cakes and selection that won’t make your choice any easier. This café and pastry-shop is located in one of the recreational areas and can be crowded especially on weekends.

Address: ul. Górska 16 (Straconka)
Phone: +48 33 815 04 26
Open: 9am-8pm


Kawiarnia Peron

Lovely place to finish a walk in Cygański Las (recreational area in B-B) with a cup of coffee or a glass of something stronger. Homemade goodies and cakes on the menu are the pride of the owners. You can also eat a proper dinner there. On the ground floor there is an indoor playground for children.

Address: ul. Olszówka 27A (Cygański Las)
Phone: +48 512 299 987


Herbaciarnia Assam – Tearoom Assam

Assam is a tea oasis in one of the historic buildings in the Old Town Square. Its interior is a combination of an Indian house and an Arabic majlis, with floor seating and deemed lights. The list of teas is extensive and they can be enjoyed with a choice of Arabic sweets and snacks. Water pipes are also offered but there is no alcohol.

Address: ul. Cieszynska 9
Phone: +48 502 488 747
Open: Mon-Fri. 11am-10.30pm, Sat. 1pm-11pm, Sun. 3pm-10pm


Parasol Café

A coffee escape if you find yourself near the City Hall. Good coffees, teas, cakes and desserts served in a pleasant atmosphere.

Address: ul. 11 Listopada 40
Phone: +48 533 342 125
Open: Mon-Thurs. 9am-7pm, Fri-Sat. 9am-10pm, Sun. 12pm-7pm


Delicato-Tosca – Cukiernia Szwedzka

A visit to Delicato-Tosca is like a visit to an old friend's house, where you get a cup of coffee and a good cake. 

Address: ul. Wzgórze 12
Phone: +48 785 101 618


Cremino Bakery

Delicious cakes prepared daily by a passionate owner is what may draw you to visit this place. The menu is changing daily, so you never know what sort of dessert will make your taste buds happy this time.   

Address: ul. 1 Maja 10
Phone: +48 513 722 410

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