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Bielsko-Biała is not short of cozy pubs and lively bars if you know where to go. The Old Town seems to be the main scene for all the drinking and socializing, and most of the pubs are located in the Old Town Square or clustered in the side streets. 


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Since beer is the most popular alcoholic beverage in the country, you should expect a wide range of beers to choose from. Different cocktails are also available, but good wine is hard to come by in most of the local pubs and bars.

Most of the partying happens on weekends, so pubs tent to be the busiest on Fridays and Saturdays, while on workdays they can be half empty.

As a general rule of thumb, the pubs in Poland are self-service, which means that you need to get your drink at the bar and pay for it upfront. Tips are rare, although some bars will have a jar with a note tips/napiwki.


Browar Miejski

Browar Miejski not only sells beer, it produces its own brand. It continues the tradition of the street where up to the 20th century city breweries were located. The name Piwowarska means - the street where beer is brewed. Their signature beer is called Bielitzer and in production they follow 16th century recipes, which guarantee the most natural beer. The pub is designed as an inn and is also a great place for casual dining.
Pub features: brewery, dining options, room for hire

Address: ul. Piwowarska 2
Phone: +48 33 815 02 70
Open: Mon-Thurs. 12pm-11pm, Fri-Sat. 12pm-12am, Sun: 12pm-10pm



Decorated as a typical Czech beerhall with a large open space but warm atmosphere. This pub sells beer from the nearby Browar Miejski and additionally has a few tap beers of other microbreweries. If you get hungry from all the drinking, you can order a meal, including some Polish and Czech specialties.
Pub features: terrace, dining options

Address: pl. Rynek 1
Phone: +48 602 744 886
Open: Tue-Thurs. 12pm-11pm, Fri-Sat. 12pm-1am, Sun. 12pm-10pm


Piwnica Zamkowa

Piwnica Zamkowa, which can be translated as Castle’s Cellar, is situated exactly where the name suggests – in a cellar of Bielsko-Biala’s castle. It’s known for its cozy ambience, beer snacks that go well with their great selection of beers, and occasional concerts.
Pub features: live music, beer snacks, beer garden

Address: ul. Wzgórze 16
Phone: +48 33 816 02 16
Open: 4pm-midnight 


Celna 21

This large pub was opened in 2015 and from its first day became one of the city's favorites. It offers a spacious and simple interior, great selection of unusual beers, chilling atmosphere and a cozy courtyard with a 15th century column!
Pub features: live music, events, snacks, beer garden

Address: ul. Celna 10
Phone: +48 690 96 39 33
Open: 3pm-11pm 


Metrum Jazz Club

All jazz enthusiasts and relaxing atmosphere seekers won’t find a better place in Bielsko-Biała (or nearby) than Metrum Jazz Club. Jazz concerts schedule is busy and level of performance worth visiting.
Club features: live music, events, live sports, billiard, dining options

Address: ul. Partyzantów 22
Phone: +48 517 506 306
Open: Mon-Thurs. 5pm-12am, Fri-Sat. 5pm-2am, Sun. 5pm-10pm



This café-pub, apart from serving wide choice of beers, coffees, cakes and great food, is full of action. A summer outdoor cinema, workshops for children and adults, craft markets are just examples of the activities organized there. Board games and books are also liked by many. It’s also an animal friendly space.
Pub features: events, beer garden, dining options, library, board games, outdoor cinema, shop with some local craft

Address: ul. 1 Maja 1
Phone: +48 662 011 049
Open: Mon-Thurs. 4pm-11pm, Fri. 4pm-2am, Sat. 2pm-2am, Sun. 2pm-11pm



Various items hanging at the celling depict the name of this pub, which means gravity. The place is a great spot for hanging out with friends and has an atmosphere suitable for long discussions. Mondays are designated as days when travelers meet and with passion present their recent voyages.
Pub features: live music, events, beer garden, live sport

Address: ul. Wzgórze 3
Phone: +48 607 433 175
Open: Sun-Thurs. 4pm-11.45pm, Fri-Sat. 4pm-3am


Chmielowe Podcienia

Fantastic location in one of the oldest buildings in the Old Town. The choice of beer might be confusing, but the staff’s advice is always helpful. A typical pub food menu should satisfy your appetite.
Pub features: events, dining options

Address: Podcienia 3
Phone: +48 33 816 90 71
Open: Mon-Thurs. 4pm-12am, Fri-Sat. 4pm-2am, Sun. 4pm-10pm


Dog’s Bollocks Pub

This place has a good vibe, and the largest selection of cocktail drinks, including non-alcoholic, in the city. They also serve food from a next door restaurant.
Pub features: beer garden, live music, events, dining options

Address: pl. Rynek 28
Phone: +48 512 364 477
Open: Sun-Thurs. 11am-12am, Fri-Sat. 11am-2am


Pigal Cafe

More than dozen tap beers and more than 100 bottle beers is offered in this pub - or so they claim. During the day, the place is also an option for coffee.

Address: ul. Przechód
Phone: +48 608 311 111
Open: Mon-Thurs. 10am-11pm, Fri. 10am-02pm, Sat. 4pm-2pm, Sun. 4pm-11pm


Rock Galeria

A popular venue with a young crowd. The Rock Café boosts a good-time atmosphere and the cheapest drinks in the city.
Pub features: live music, live sport, beer garden, events

Address: ul. Staszica 7
Open: Mon-Thurs. 2pm-11pm, Fri. 2pm-1am, Sat. 4pm-1am, Sun. closed


Galeria Wzgórze

This is the longest running pub/gallery in Bielsko-Biała. It was opened in 1987 by a local artist Franciszek Kukioła. Maybe you won’t find there the variety of beers available elsewhere, but in terms of cultural events, it’s a serious competition.
Pub features: live music, events, room for hire, beer garden

Address: ul. Wzgórze 4
Phone: +48 33 812 27 05
Open: 10am-last customer


Opium Klub Muzyczny

This large basement pub and party venue is located in the Old Town Square. In the summer month, you can enjoy their cold beer in their beer garden set in the middle of the square.
Pub features: beer garden, live music, party, events, room for hire

Address: pl. Rynek 4
Phone: +48 607 433 175
Open: Sun-Thurs. 3pm-2am, Fri-Sat. 3pm-last customer


Piwiarnia Warka

A typical sports bar with live sport screenings and draft beer.
Pub features: live sport, beer garden, dining options

Address: ul. Cechowa 18
Phone: +48 33 811 11 77
Open: Sun-Thurs. 12pm-11pm, Fri-Sat 12pm-12am

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