With 5 large and few small shopping centres, no surprise that Bielsko-Biała is seen as a shopping destination in this part of the Silesian Province. What can you expect? International brands, popular merchandise, some Polish labels and a few quirky and old-fashion shops.


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Opening Times

Most shops open daily from 10am to around 6pm.

Smaller, independent shops usually close at 2pm on Saturday and are completely closed on Sunday.

Groceries are open 7 days a week from around 6-7am (slightly later on Sunday) till 6-7pm or later. 

Shopping malls are open 7 days a week from 9am till 9pm, with shorter hours on Sundays.

All shops are closed on National Holidays. 

In Poland's shops apply fixed-price policy, so there is no need to bargain. Price should be clearly visible, and always includes all taxes. 


11 Listopada Street

While the Old Town with its Market Square is the centre of food and drinking scene, for shopping you need to head to the neighbourhood of 11 Listopada Street or to one of the shopping malls.

11 Listopada Street from its beginning has been the main shopping promenade in the city. Unfortunately, like many shopping streets in Europe, the street became a victim of the growth and development of modern shopping malls. These streets can hardly compete with shopping malls that own large parking, always have a good weather, and offer other comforts. Nevertheless, a walk on 11 Listopada is a must, even if only to imagine how buzzling this place must had been in the past, and to visit some of the small quirky shops. 11 Listopada Street is also one of the prettiest streets in Bielsko-Biała with a wonderful architecture and great vibe.


Klimczok Department Store

Klimczok Department Store is located just in the middle of the historical centre of Biała, by 11 Listopada Street. It was opened in 1989, just at the break of the communism. Even though it was highly controversial due to its modern design and unfortunate location (amongst old building), the opening of this department was a huge event. It was even transmitted on the national TV. The store had offered shopping opportunities unseen in Bielsko-Biała, or pretty much elsewhere in Poland, at that time. With its full shelfs of goods and an escalator (yes, that was something big back then), it offered a glimpse into the modern and western world.

Now, the department store is outrun by the modern shopping malls and it is still criticized for its appearance, but it has a rather interesting atmosphere, some interesting shops and well stocked supermarket Społem.



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Shopping malls

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