So, you have just one day in Bielsko-Biała and you want to know how to get the best of it in such a short time? This itinerary is put together to give you a chance to get a big bite out of the city.


Grab a bite at one of the local bakeries or cafes. In the morning hours, breads, doughnuts and pastries are as fresh as they can be. Optionally order hot breakfast in one of the eateries or hotel’s restaurants. You should know that Polish people do not really eat out for breakfast, so don’t be surprised if some of the places open only in the late morning hours.


Have a quick visit to the Beskid Mountains and reach Szyndzielnia Mountain, one of the Bielsko-Biała’s landmarks.

Take the local bus no. 8 towards Szyndzielnia and then use the Szyndzielnia Cable Car to reach the peak. In no time you will find yourself surrounded by the forest with some great views over the city and other mountains. Depending on the season, have a cold or hot beverage in one of the oldest Polish mountain shelters on Szyndzielnia. Climb the viewing tower and enjoy the environment.

If you feel fit and still have some time, head further to a nearby mountain called Klimczok – for even greater views. When ready to return to the city, retrace your steps and take the cable car back down.

Alternatively visit one of the green spaces in the city. Cygański Las, Dębowiec or Wapienica are ideal for relaxing and easy walks but still in the wonderful green surroundings.


After intensive morning, quickly recharge your batteries with traditional Polish food at one of the milk bars or casual restaurants.


Get to know the city by simply strolling around its squares and streets. Admire its beautiful architecture. Take a walk through 11 Listopada, the main promenade with shops and nearby shopping malls. Glance at the City Hall and other amazing buildings on the way. Say hello to a Polish cartoon character Reksio, and find his two colleagues Bolek and Lolek. If needed, take a break in one of the cafés, usually situated near the popular spots. Aromatic coffee and fresh cake will give you additional energy to continue discovery of the city. Visit the Old Town, pass the Sułkowski’s Castle and peek inside some churches. Observe architectural gems of the city. Beautiful ornaments, unique designs and spectacular facades are what make Bielsko-Biała so charming.


After a successful walk through the city, head out to one of the restaurants in Bielsko-Biała for a pleasant dinner. Whether you prefer a casual place or look for more spectacular dining experience, you will find it there. If you fancy more traditional Polish cuisine, then an old-style inn is an option for you.


If the weather is nice, join the residents of Bielsko-Biała and take a seat in one of the beer gardens in the Old Town Square. Or otherwise finish your day in one of the night clubs.