Outdoor activities

If sports and outdoor activities press your buttons, then Bielsko-Biała should keep you busy for many days. Hiking, cycling, skiing or paragliding are only few of your options.


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There are many opportunities for hiking, both in the summer and winter, so check our separated article about Hikes and trails to find out more.



Bielsko-Biała has three ski slopes that are ideal for beginners, children and those who look for an easily access and quick ski jaunt. If you look for slopes for more advance skiing, no worries, just head to neighboring Szczyrk, Ustroń, Wisła, Korbielów, Zwardoń or Miedzybrodzie Żywieckie.
Cross-country skiing can also be practiced in the Beskids forests.


Dębowiec - Recreation Ski-Center

600 meter long chair lift and 84 meter T-bar lift for children. The slope is lit, snow-groomed and artificially snowed when needed.
Address: ul. Karbowa 55
Bus no. 7 and bus no. 8
Phone: +48 33 445 43 66
Web: www.debowiec.beskidy.pl



Small ski slope next to the Mountain Shelter on Szyndzielnia. 275 meter long T-bar lift.
Web: www.szyndzielnia.com.pl 



500 meter long T-bar lift, just the opposite of the Klimczok Mountain Shelter.
Web: www.schroniskoklimczok.com.pl




For an easy cycling in the city, you can use one of the city bicycles BBbike available for rent.


Enduro Trails

Enduro Trails are mountain biking trails designed at different difficulty levels, from short and easy to strenuous and steep. The trails start at Błonia and cover mainly the nearby forest and the shops of Kozia Góra.  They are well marked and easy to follow. If you don’t have a bike, you can rent one at the Enduro Trails Centre located in Błonia, near the Camping Ondraszek.
Address: Błonia
Phone: + 48 504 897 269
Web: www.endurotrails.pl 


Cycling routes

If you want to discover Bielsko-Biała and neighbouring villages by bike, visit the Tourist Information Centre (pl. Ratuszowy 1, phone: +48 33 819 00 50) to collect the Cycling Guide with marked paths and routes. The routes are designed for beginners and more experienced cyclists. They follow quiet and often picturesque roads, however at some places require crossing busy streets.



Thrill seekers can try their hand at more adventurous sports such as plane flying or skydiving offered at the city Recreational Airport. The nearby peaks, especially Góra Żar, is where you go to experience paragliding combined with amazing views.


Aeroklub Bielsko-Bialski

Ultralight and sail-plane training and license, skydiving courses, powered-parachute flights.
Address: ul. Cieszyńska 321
Phone: +48 33 815 18 70, 33 815 18 79
Web: www.epba.pl 



Paragliding courses and passenger flights with instructor.
Address: Szczyrk, near B-B, ul. Skosna 11
Phone: +48 605 834 163 


Szkoła Paralotniowa ALBATROS

Paragliding courses, tandem flights from Góra Żar.
Address: Miedzybrodzie Żywieckie, near B-B, ul. Górska 19
Phone: +48 501 765 693
Web: www.paralotnie-albatros.pl 


Ropes courses


Address: ul. Pocztowa 32 (Błonia)
Phone: +48 608 025 059
Web: www.granda.bielsko.pl  



Address: ul. Karbowa 55 (below Dębowiec)
Phone: +48 661 110 033
Web: www.trollandia.pl 


Toboggan run

Rekreacyjny Tor Saneczkowy

400 meter long toboggan run is located on the slopes of Dębowiec. It’s an attraction for both adults and children. The track is open all year round.
Address: ul. Skalna 58 (Dębowiec)
Phone: + 48 33 827 55 67, +48 605 216 965
Web: www.torsaneczkowy.bielsko.pl 



Mini golf na Błoniach

Also boules and badminton.
Address: Błonia
Phone: +48 664 784 094
Open: spring-summer Mon-Fri 3pm-7pm, Sat-Sun. 10am-7pm


Outdoor swimming pools

Pływalnia Start

Three swimming pools (sport, recreation and wading pool); beach volleyball courts; water slides; tennis courts; streetball field; climbing wall and playground.
Address: ul. Startowa 36 (Cygański Las)
Bus no. 1, 14, 38
Phone: +48 33 821 00 61
Open: from June till September 9am-9pm
Web: www.bbosir.bielsko.pl/obiekt/plywalnia-start   


Pływalnia Panorama

Two swimming pools (sport and recreation); beach volleyball courts; tennis tables, chess; playground and water slide.
Address: ul. Konopnickiej 5
Bus no. 15, 23
Phone: +48 33 822 18 75
Open: mid-June – late August 9am-8pm
Web: www.bbosir.bielsko.pl/obiekt/plywania-panorama 


Horse-back riding


Address: ul. Straconki 177
Phone: +48 33 821 77 27 


Stadnina Koni Kasztanka

Address: ul. Azaliowa 12
Web: www.stadnina.net  


Ośrodek Jezdziecki Stara Szmergielnia

Address: ul. Cyprysowa 63
Phone: +48 33 821 81 90
Web: www.staraszmergielnia.pl  


Stadnina Stary Młyn 

Address: ul. Zapłocie Duże 284 (Wapienica)
Phone: 506 068 198 


Ośrodek Jazdy Konnej Solka

Address: ul. Wygrabowicka 484, Miedzyrzecze Górne, near B-B
Phone: +48 782 946 701
Web: www.konie.bielsko.pl 



Korty Tenisowe w Cygańskim Lesie

Address: ul. Tenisowa
Phone: +48 695 536 493
Open: 7am-10pm
Web: www.korty-cyganskilas.pl  



Address: ul. Oświecimska 22
Phone: +48 33 497 900 102
Open: 6am-11pm, Sat. 7am-11pm, Sun. 9am-11pm
Web: www.solar.bielsko.pl  


Klub Advantage

Address: ul. Ceramiczna 20
Phone: +48 33 810 30 55
Open: 7am-10pm
Web: www.tenisbielsko.pl 



Lodowisko Orlik

Address: ul. Słowackiego 27b (Słowacki Park)
Phone: +48 33 816 85 63
Open: winter season from 8am-10pm
Web: www.bbosir.bielsko.pl 


Lodowisko Victoria

Address: ul. Bratkow 16
Phone: +48 33 811 80 37
Open: winter season from 8am-7.30pm
Web: www.bbosir.bielsko.pl



Paintball BB

wo outdoor paintball fields one in forest and one inside an abandoned mine building.
Address: various locations
Phone: +48 609 725 353
Web: www.paintball.bielsko.pl  


Paintball Adventures

Set in an old army firing range.
Address: ul. Złotych Kłosów 58/112
Phone: +48 33 474 12 17
Web: www.paintball.beskidy.pl  

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