Green spaces

Luckily for residents and visitors Bielsko-Biała is surrounded by the green spaces and recreational areas. If you don’t have much time or hiking through the Beskids is not your thing, you are still left with plenty of options to enjoy the outdoor and nature.

All the below mentioned areas are accessible by the public transportation and are ideal for short walks, family picnics or quick breaks from the city. The available playgrounds and numerous other attractions aimed at children should keep them happy for a while.


Dębowiec is a mountain, which at height of 686 meters, is appropriate for a short and easy hike. The road that leads to the top is quite effortless and comfortable, therefore, the place is a very popular destination, especially on weekends. Additionally, the hill lures many people with numerous attractions. Foremost with peaceful surroundings and fantastic views over Bielsko-Biała and then with: a winter ski slope with chair and T-bar lifts, a playground with a climbing wall for children, and a recreational toboggan run. At the bottom of Dębowiec, there is also a rope course and outdoor fitness. At the top, there is a pleasant mountain inn where you can fill your stomach with traditional Polish dishes (including vegetarian options) and wash it down with a cold or hot drink.

How to get there? Bus no. 7 direction Hala Widowiskowo-Sportowa (last bus stop), or bus no. 8 direction Szyndzielnia (last or last but one bus stop). From there walk up (15min.) or take the chair lift (bus no.7).



Cygański Las (eng. Gypsy Forest) has been favoured as a recreational area of Bielsko-Biała for a very long time. In the past, it was an escape area for the wealthiest who in the neighbourhood built some amazing villas, and for the common residents who searched for tranquillity of the forest. Even today, it’s one of the most visited parks and its paths are often busy with visitors enjoying their family walk.

The main attraction is the forest itself, but nearby you will also find a tennis court, a swimming pool and a playground. Hiking trails to Kozia Góra and Szyndzielnia, as well as marked jogging and cycling routes start there. 

How to get there? Bus no. 1 and 14 direction Cygański Las (last bus stop)

Błonia Recreational Area

Błonia is a vast meadow park located at the foot of Kozia Góra and neighboured with the forest of Cygański Las.

This large open space is full of attractions, especially for an active person. Basketball courts, football pitches, a skate-park, a pump track, a mini-golf field, a large playground and a bicycle traffic town are at everyone’s disposal. Most attractions are free of charge, some are available for a fee. Dining outlets offer simple snacks, BBQ food and beverages. Błonia is also a starting place of Enduro Trails – mountain biking and jogging routes, and hiking paths to Kozia Góra and Szyndzielnia.

How to get there? Bus no. 24 – direction Mikuszowice Błonia ATH (last bus stop); bus no. 1 – direction Cygański Las (last bus stop, then walk through the Cygański Las, ca. 15min).

Wapienica River Valley

The valley, which is one of the best preserved natural areas in the Silesian Beskids, is 4 km long and surrounded by 11 hills. It’s a friendly and secluded place, perfect for family nature walks. It’s covered by forest but its main attraction is a water dam. Even though the dam itself is not accessible to the public, as it contains drinking water for the city, the area is picturesque. There is also a charming wooden inn that stands just at the edge of the dam. It offers some great views over the water, together with beverages and simple meals. From there, you can start a hiking trip to Szyndzielnia (yellow trail) or Błatnia (blue trail).

How to get there? Bus no.16 – direction Wapienica Zapora (last bus stop).

Recreational Airport

A paved loop that surrounds the city’s Recreational Airport is favored by enthusiasts of cycling, walking and roller-blades skating. Additional bonuses are great views, a couple of traditional restaurants nearby, and a chance to observe micro-planes taking off.

How to get there? Bus no. 7, 10 and 1 or 6

Boulevards in Straconka

The Boulevards is a park stretched along Górska Street and Straconka Stream, up to the Straconka Quarter. It is an excellent place for walking and cycling. Playgrounds for children, open gyms, sport fields, a vert ramp, make this place even more attractive. And if you get hungry, then two traditional Polish inns and a well-liked bakery-café Ciachomania will keep your stomach full. Further up the road there is an old abandoned quarry, popular as a picnic spot.

How to get there? Bus no. 11 – direction Straconka.